Caloric to supply 2,000 Nm³/h H2 generating plant to the Czech Republic

Caloric has won the contract for a hydrogen generating plant with a capacity of 2000 Nm³/h based on naphtha feed stock. The hydrogen unit will be located in the Czech Republic proving hydrogen to a benzene producing unit. The plant design will follow Calorics expertise in high efficient and customized concepts. The Basic Design of the plant concept is already finalized and construction has started.
The hydrogen plant is highly integrated into the existing site using utilities and equipment of several other chemical plants. Liquid naphtha is provided from an internal source at site. The raw naphtha needs to be treated in further process equipment supplied by Caloric before using it as feed for the reforming process. Furthermore the tail gas from the PSA is compressed to undergo an existing carbon dioxide removal unit, as the recovered carbon dioxide is used at site for inertisation purposes. The CO2 free tail gas is send back to the Calorics reformer using it as fuel.
Calorics own developed burner is capable to handle several fuel gases with different heat values, generating low NOx emissions within the flue gas. The operation of the plant will start Mid of 2013.