Caloric wins a first project in the UK

CALORIC is pleased to announce its first contract in the United Kingdom. The new contract for a small industrial CO onsite generation plant of 40 Nm³/h pure CO shows the competitiveness for on-site plants, even at such small capacities. The plant will be delivered to a chemical company in the UK and will be realized as turnkey project within a 15 months schedule.

With the CALORIC CALCOR® process, carbon monoxide is produced by reforming of a hydrocarbon (natural gas or LPG) with carbon dioxide at high temperatures and low pressures in the presence of catalysts. A final membrane unit purifies the synthesis gas to the required quality.

The Caloric CALCOR® technology for CO generation is very effective as a low methane content, just within ppm range in the raw gas, allows for a membrane purification unit instead of the more widely used cold box purification. The membrane achieves the same recovery and similar product purity as the cold box but at much more favourable capital and operation cost.

The downstream application of this unit will be the generation of phosgene. Again methane is an unwanted impurity in the phosgene generator, forming CCl4 which degrades phosgene quality.

The skid mounted plant design allows for maximum preparation in the shop and minimum efforts for the on-site installation and start-up. Thus a 15 months schedule to industrial operation will be achieved. Ensuring a brief project phase will put the client in position to start production in short time and hence will effectively be more profitable.