Caloric’s gas sweetening plants on the road of success

Caloric has signed the second contract for the supply of a carbon dioxide recovery unit using aMDEA®-solvent within the last 12 months based on its licence granted by BASF SE.

The plant was ordered by a Swedish company and is part of a syngas treatment facility to be located in the Northern Part of Sweden.

This contract strengthens furthermore Caloric’s position in supplying customised gas generation and treatment plants for the industry. Key design issues will be Caloric’s expertise in the modularised construction of such plants resulting in shortest delivery and start up time as well as high plant flexibility to cover multi operational modes.

The gas sweetening plant is designed to remove sulphur components down to traces of some ppm, but simultaneously adjusting specific carbon dioxide concentrations in the treated gas as a requirement of downstream units.

The plant is designed to treat a syngas flow of 1150 Nm³/h. The feed stock is coming from a gasification unit converting biomass. The gasification and gas treatment process takes place at pressure levels up to 28 bar (g). The plant is scheduled to be delivered in May 2010.