Extension of existing Hydrogen Plant in Taiwan!

In the fast growing and demanding field for Polysilicon plants, Caloric has been awarded besides a new plant (1.500 Nm³) for the same customer, the extension of the existing hydrogen plant at the same site.
After modification and reconstruction of some key equipments the capacity of the methanol feed plant will be raised from 840 to 1.000 Nm³/h of hydrogen.
For the required expansion, Caloric is going to supply new adsorbers and valves inside the PSA unit. For the reforming process new heat exchanger and PLC program adjustment will be provided. Hydrogen is produced using methanol and demin water as utilities, applying the Caloric “hot box” process. After a shut down period of only 2 weeks the modified plant will be commissioned by November 2011. The hydrogen production restarts in December 2011 and will produce 1.000 Nm³/h hydrogen with 99,999% purity.