New contract

Caloric was awarded a new contract for the supply of a hydrogen system in the Middle East with a capacity of 600 Nm3/h based on natural gas steam reforming process. The specific challenge in this project was the fluctuation demand of hydrogen due to the downstream processes the H2 is used for.
Caloric’s innovative and fuel efficient plant control systemin combination with high pressure storage system was chosen by the customer to cover their requirements of maximum plant flexibility. Caloric’s reputation in terms of high reliability and life cycle support was once more a key issue for decision making.
The plant will generate high grade hydrogen of min. 99,998 vol.-% with impurity levels of CO less than 1 ppm. The plant can be operated automatically and incrementally between 15 and 100 % of nameplate capacity.
The plant will be fully pre-assembled at Caloric’s fabrication facility, tested and shipped in January 2012. Supervision of plant commissioning and start up will be provided by Caloric.