Three Caloric Hydrogen Plants for Qatar!

Once more Calorics’ advanced hydrogen technology supports a greenfield development polysilicon production facility – now also in Qatar. Within a short period Caloric could sign the fourth polysilicon project proofing its’ excellent compatibility and reliability for this application.

In order to improve the reliability to a maximum, three identical hydrogen generation plants based on Calorics’ HC steam reforming process will be installed. Each plant will be designed to produce up to 750 Nm³/h hydrogen with a purity of 99,999%. During normal operation all three plants will be in operation to serve the hydrogen demand – in case one plant is shut down due to failure or maintenance, the two other plants will be operated at maximum capacity.

Caloric will provide the engineering, equipment and corresponding distributed control system (DCS).

All three units will be completely pre-assembled and tested passing through Calorics strict quality procedure prior to shipment to the client. The pre-assembling by the skilled and experienced personnel in Calorics’ workshop will ensure significant scheduling and quality benefits for the client, especially regarding the challenging delivery period of 12 months.