Design Concept: Modular Skid Construction

A key component and a basis for fixed prices and short delivery times is the successful modular design concept of pre-manufactured skid-mounted equipment for CALORIC´s various types of gas generating and incineration plants.

As the design concept is modular, the skids can be pre-fabricated and pre-assembled in our own workshop. With industry trends leading to more “shop”- oriented and less “field”- oriented project execution, it makes perfect sense to provide pre-manufactured skids to our customers. Furthermore, due to the complete and compact arrangement of pre-manufactured skids, the units are relatively easy to transport with almost negligible installation times at any requried place of destination.

Each plant consists of several numbers of skids, starting with a simple pump rack ranging to a highly developed Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) unit with varying numbers of pipelines, instrumentation and valves.

Following up from the engineering and construction phase, we will provide services such as 3D-modeling, fabrication, assembly, painting, insulation, heat tracing, electrical engineering and instrumentation of the skid.

Using modular skid designs, the manufacturing time is considerably shortened while the efficiency and safety of execution are improved. For many years now, CALORIC has been manufacturing and installing skids whereby offering our clients a complete concept.

All of our shop fabrications pass a series of checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, completeness, welding quality, and conformance to design and specifications. The finished product then undergoes testing as specified by the customer.

Typical tests carried out in our shop include: radiography, dye penetrant inspections, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for piping systems as well as point-to-point checks for instrumentation and electrical work (FAT – Factory Acceptance Test).

For your benefit, CALORIC has the capability to design, fabricate, install and commission skid-mounted gas generating or incineration plants, process vessels and modular process plant skids, covering a wide range for industrial facilities.

Step 01 – Pre-manufacturing of skid in CALORIC's production facility
Step 02 – Pre-assembly of the plant in CALORIC's production facility
Step 03 – Factory acceptance test in CALORIC's production facility
Step 04 – Easy transportation of container adapted modules
Step 05 – Placement of skid on prepared foundation
Step 06 – Assembly of the plant at site
Step 07 – Start-up of the plant