Syngas Generation Plants and Syngas Production Technologies

Known as well as synthesis gas or producer gas, syngas is created by the pyrolysis or gasification of hydrocarbons including plastics, municipal waste or biomass. The CALORIC syngas generation plant portfolio comprises several processes for the syngas production, including CO2 and multi feedstock reforming as well as methanol reforming and steam reforming. Modified reformer operation in terms of pressure and temperature using appropriate catalysts in combination with downstream syngas treatment like CO-shift systems, CO2 removal systems, gas separation systems based on membrane or PSA can be offered to achieve an optimized plant concept. In addition to customized syngas generation, CALORIC is able to provide plant concepts for combined high purity hydrogen and carbon monoxide plants based on steam methane reformer with CO2 recycle.

Syngas Generation Plants: Focus on costs, minimum maintenance and investment

Industrial fields for CALORIC’s syngas production plants reach from petrochemical to chemical entities as well as steel and metallurgical producing industries. Already executed projects are related to e.g. Fischer-Tropsch-Synthesis, carbon black production, high purity oxo-gas generation or specific process gas generation for bio-fuels. Focusing on customer’s needs, a maximum CO:H2 ratio and affordable investment and maintenance cost, CALORIC ‘s customized, pre-assembled and automatically run syngas generation plants fulfil the demands of the most challenging requests thanks to German engineering experience. Learn more about the CALORIC syngas generation portfolio on the next pages.