Hydrogen Generation Plants and Production Technologies

The production of pure hydrogen (up to 99,9999 vol.-%) is essential for a number of industries in very different fields. CALORIC, with more than 80 realized hydrogen production plants worldwide, is capable to provide highly cost-effective, customized and proven solutions for hydrogen generation plants based on natural gas, on LPG, naphtha, methanol and other hydrocarbon feeds.

Hydrogen Generation Plants: Focus on costs and investment

Apart from the commercial attractiveness given by the use of different feedstocks, the CALORIC customized hydrogen generation plants and hydrogen production technologies favour the customer’s need for focussing on investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). All hydrogen generation plants by CALORIC are supplied as completely preassembled skid-mounted units, which are partially dismantled for transportation. Learn more about the CALORIC hydrogen generation plants on the following pages.