On-Site Support

CALORIC provides on-site service and maintenance personnel to customers who need skilled assistance for the reliable operation of their gas generating and incineration plants. We provide a wide range of services starting from basic mechanical works, e.g. the exchange of catalysts up to challenging PLC migrations for the complete control system.

Furthermore, we supply maintenance and shutdown services to national and international customers. CALORIC has unique experience and expertise in providing spare parts and offers the flexibility of mobilising our specialists to an operation for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Due to short lines of communication, we can provide valuable flexibility and an ability to mobilise direct to site and at short notice, if required.

CALORIC draws from its pool of qualified service personnel, engineers & technicians, to fit the skills profile required by each customer. Our personnel have many years of experience in the field of on-site support, starting with mechanical supervision to start-up preparations and the commissioning of the plants.
We have senior crew members with extensive experience spanning gas generating plants, incinerators and mechanical works for the needs of our customers. In addition, CALORIC will provide experienced project management from back office as well as site management and site supervision during mechanical assembly.

Service arrangements can be for a single pair of hands or an entire team, depending on the needs of the customer.

CALORIC specialises in the following key areas:

  • Catalyst replacement
  • General plant maintenance and repairs
  • Shutdown executing and planning
  • New installations and extension of existing plants
  • Decommissioning and dismantling of plant and equipment

Furthermore our company offers training programmes to ensure that all personnel are kept up to date with requirements applying for the plants.
CALORIC´s service is a tailored solution designed to meet our client’s specific needs. We offer planning support and accredited work teams complete with specialised tooling and logistical support.

Drawing on our considerable database of lessons-learned and best practices, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in achieving a safe, on time, and cost-effective plant startup.

Because of our flexibility and the cutting edge technology for erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance, our main goal is to attain a long term and fruitful business relationship with our esteemed customers.