hydrogen plant 19. October 2023

Caloric successful again in acquiring new contract for hydrogen plant in Taiwan

This contract is the eleventh contract CALORIC has acquired from Taiwan and our fifth plant in the semiconductor sector. The new hydrogen plant emphasizes the company’s leading market position both in the region and...
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21. June 2023

CALORIC receives a contract for the turnkey delivery of a H2 production plant in South Europe

In the context of a production expansion, which requires an increasing hydrogen demand over the next years, CALORIC could win another order with its tailor-made plant concept “Customized Quality”. The requirements for the plant...
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15. May 2023

CALORIC awarded with hydrogen generation plant contract in South East Asia

CALORIC Anlagenbau GmbH was awarded with a contract to supply a hydrogen plant for client being active in the oleo chemistry in South East Asia. The plant will deliver 1000 Nm³/h pure hydrogen at...
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10. January 2023

CALORIC receives a contract for the delivery of a combined H2 and CO2 production plant

For CALORIC the basis of success was its well-known engineering capabilities to fulfil customer specific requirements in all aspects of conceptual plant design. Beyond the implementation of several operating conditions, requirements for high purity...
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10. January 2023

CALORIC supplies a pressure swing adsorption plant for high-purity hydrogen to South Korea

The plant will purify a hydrogen-rich gas to high purity hydrogen by pressure swing adsorption. Due to experience gathered over decades, CALORIC is in position to achieve and guarantee hydrogen purities of 99,9999 percent...
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24. January 2022

CALORIC awarded with contract for hydrogen generation plant in Lithuania

Caloric was selected by an EPC company to provide a hydrogen generating plant based on CALORIC’s advanced Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology. The hydrogen plant is part of a new production complex for re-refining...
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19. November 2021

CALORIC signed contract for H2 generation plant in Indonesia

Caloric was awarded for the third time by an existing Indonesian company to provide a hydrogen generating plant based on CALORIC’s advanced SMR technology. The customer operates already two hydrogen plants from CALORIC based...
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18. November 2021

CALORIC signed contract for CO generation plant in India

Caloric was selected by an Indian chemical company to provide a pure carbon monoxide generating plant based on CALORIC’s unique CALCOR® technology. The proprietary CALCOR® process is a dry reforming process of hydrocarbons with...
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02. August 2021

CALORIC enters successfully into the U.S. market

CALORIC was awarded a supply contract for a hydrogen generating plant based on steam methane reforming technology in the U.S. CALORIC is considering the U.S. market as an interesting and growing market for small...
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23. April 2021

Pilot plant for synthetic fuels started up

The Institute for Energy Systems and Technology of the Technical University of Darmstadt (EST) is focussing on gasification processes to provide co-generation of power and synthetic fuels by using conventional as well as renewable...
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23. March 2021

CALORIC again successful on Korean market

Within the recent months CALORIC is again successful by receiving the second contract for a hydrogen plant on the Korean market. CALORIC was chosen by a global acting EPC company for providing such unit...
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01. March 2021

CALORIC provides hydrogen plant for H2 mobility project in Korea

CALORIC was awarded with a supply contract for a mid-size hydrogen plant serving a H2 mobility project in South Korea. South Korea is one of the leading countries worldwide in pushing concepts to establish...
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15. May 2020


The new contract is meanwhile the tenth hydrogen plant of CALORIC that is going to be installed in Taiwan. CALORIC is proud to strengthen further the market position in this area. The contract also...
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18. February 2020

CALORIC sharpens portfolio

Target markets for CALORIC‘s products are increasingly requesting more sustainable technical solutions, especially for hydrogen and syngas generation plants. Hence, CALORIC intensifies the development of the “customized quality” approach for these gas generation and...
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07.August 2019

Methanol cracking plant for the world’s largest gas-to-gasoline plant in Turkmenistan successfully commissioned

Considering the on-site situation especially in remote areas, methanol represents in many cases the more competitive alternative to natural gas. Therefore, CALORIC’s highly efficient and robustly designed methanol cracker suits perfectly the on-site demand...
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03. July 2019

Delivery on time!

One of our largest hydrogen generation plants and actually the largest CALORIC plant for the Taiwanese market has been delivered. After successfully engineering the very compact modular design that required locating skids on a...
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05. June 2019

CALORIC to supply second hydrogen generation plant by methanol reforming for long-term customer in Indonesia

Caloric Anlagenbau GmbH received the contract to build a second hydrogen plant for an existing customer in Indonesia. The customer needs to increase hydrogen production due to a higher demand and good market development....
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15. April 2019

CALORIC receives contract award for an innovative CO2 removal system

CALORIC Anlagenbau GmbH has been awarded with a supply contract for the design and construction of an innovative CO2 removal unit. The unit is part of a large R&D project, dealing with the substitution...
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28. September 2018

CALORIC builds Syngas Cleaning Pilot plant for the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

CALORIC has won an international tender to supply engineering, procurement and construction of a syngas cleaning pilot and demonstration plant installed downstream of a gasifier as a general contractor. The syngas cleaning plant with...
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13. June 2018


This contract is the second order for Taiwan in 2018 received by CALORIC. The new plant will be the largest hydrogen generation plant CALORIC has supplied to Taiwan so far and emphasizes the strength...
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15. March 2018

CALORIC succeeds again in Taiwan market

CALORIC strengthens further its position as leading supplier for hydrogen generating plants in Taiwan. The recent contract for a hydrogen generation plant based on steam reforming represents the 8th plant being delivered to Taiwanese...
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15. March 2018

CALORIC goes Africa for hydrogen production with alternative feedstock

CALORIC was awarded an engineering contract to design a hydrogen generating plant based on an alternative non-disclosed feedstock for an African client. The engineering contract covered not only the technical plant concept but also...
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27. October 2017

CALORIC builds pilot & demonstration plant for Electrochaea’s innovative biomethanation process

CALORIC has won the international tender for engineering and construction of a biomethanation pilot & demonstration plant in Solothurn, Switzerland. For the methanation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen, microorganisms are used as biocatalyst. Supported...
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20. October 2017

Press article in Gasworld US Magazine, October 2017

Under which economic conditions is it feasible to generate hydrogen onsite? And which solution is the best, regarding the specific application? This is one of the many questions the latest CALORIC publication is giving...
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15. August 2017

Certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

CALORIC Anlagenbau GmbH achieved certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 CALORIC Anlagenbau GmbH, one of the leading European companies in the field of development, planning and construction of gas production plants and waste...
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