02. August 2021

CALORIC enters successfully into the U.S. market

CALORIC was awarded a supply contract for a hydrogen generating plant based on steam methane reforming technology in the U.S. CALORIC is considering the U.S. market as an interesting and growing market for small scale hydrogen plants and had therefore started some time ago a “design program” for such plants as the regulations, certification as well as the codes and standards for these units needed to be adapted and incorporated in CALORIC’s well proven industrial design standard “Customized Quality”.

The US market is expected to be grow further for small scale on-site hydrogen plants as long as the transportation limits for liquid hydrogen will continue. The capabilities of CALORIC in combining high reliable and efficient plant concepts with the implementation of all specific requirements were one of the most important key factors for the client to choose CALORIC as supplier for this hydrogen plant. The hydrogen plant will be part of a new industrial complex in the Southwest of the U.S. and is expected to be on stream beginning of 2023.