18. November 2021

CALORIC signed contract for CO generation plant in India

Caloric was selected by an Indian chemical company to provide a pure carbon monoxide generating plant based on CALORIC’s unique CALCOR® technology. The proprietary CALCOR® process is a dry reforming process of hydrocarbons with CO2. The contract comprises the CO generation as well as the CO purification system based on membrane technology. The CO generator is part of a new production unit of agrichemicals. The plant design capacity will be 200 Nm³/h and serves several consumers in batch mode.

Besides the high efficiency of the CALCOR® process the process is also high environmental friendly as nearly all carbon molecules are converted to carbon monoxide product resulting into CO2 emissions of the plant concept close to zero. The CALCOR® plant will be fully pre-manufactured and skid mounted to minimise on-site work to meet the production schedule of client. The plant will be shipped in Q1 2023.