07.August 2019

Methanol cracking plant for the world’s largest gas-to-gasoline plant in Turkmenistan successfully commissioned

Considering the on-site situation especially in remote areas, methanol represents in many cases the more competitive alternative to natural gas. Therefore, CALORIC’s highly efficient and robustly designed methanol cracker suits perfectly the on-site demand of hydrogen for this project and application.

The installed modular plant is able to produce 2500 Nm3/h H2 in the syngas and is only used a few times during the year for the start-up of the gas-to-gasoline unit. Therefore the focus of this plant is not operating the plant continuously but to start-up the unit very quickly at any time during the year. For this scenario, hot oil was chosen for heating the methanol cracking process.

CALORIC’s team was able to deliver this project by designing the plant in close cooperation with the customer and supervising its commissioning on-site.