Gas to Liquid (GtL)

Gas to Liquid (GtL)

The CALORIC reforming technologies provide optimized syngas generation systems capable to handle associated and stranded gas for GtL plants. Furthermore GtL plants provide specific challenges which are met by the well proven CALORIC reforming processes.

  • Efficient process designs for low operating costs to provide syngas suitable for production of gasoline, methanol or diesel.
  • Modularisation for lowest installation costs in shortest time considering sites in remote locations with poor infrastructure,
  • Construction design for “mobilisation” to be able to re-install the plant easily in short time at different wells, which leads to higher profitability of such unit compared to stick built units fixed at one location and
  • Standardised process equipment and units to reduce ongoing engineering and manufacturing costs as well as operating costs for maintenance.


Typical feed:
natural gas, LPG, naphtha, methanol

Capacity range: 
300 – 25.000 Nm³/h

Syngas composition (H22/CO ratio): 
100 % H2 – 100 % CO

Syngas supply pressure: 
typically 15 bar (g)

automatic, PLC controlled

typically export steam, if required