CALORIC delivers carbon monoxide generator to the UK

After contract award in 2014, CALORIC has finalised engineering and construction work of the carbon monoxide generation plant for a UK customer. The plant, supplying a 40 Nm³/h pure CO gas according to CALORICs CALCOR® economy process, has been pre-assembled in CALORIC’s own fabrication facility in Landsberg / Germany. As also this plant is designed as skid mounted modualrized unit, the skids and modules could be arranged the very same way as the plant is supposed to be located at site. Plant modules have been tested as far as applicable and the with the control system a factory acceptance test (FAT) could be executed.

The plant then has been dismantled and been packed for road transportation. Meanwhile it has been shipped and the plant has safely arrived at customers site in the UK and is waiting for start-up due to customers change of plans.