CALORIC offers process waste heat management systems as product

Process waste heat management systems have been part of many CALORIC plants since decades. In syngas based plants (hydrogen and carbon monoxide generators) a steam boiler for internal steam generation is a must, in incineration plants steam generation for heat recovery often is driven by economy and authorities alike. For the longer part of the CALORIC history, such systems were sourced from the market. In recent years however, CALORIC has started its inhouse development on such process waste heat systems and steam boilers to become more independent from the market. Many installations since then prove the success of the strategy.

The next logical step is to offer these capabilities to the market, especially when noticing that the potential suppliers of such systems either have grown into the world scale mega plant size or into standardizing their products. That leaves the niche of a customized process waste heat system or boiler rather uncovered.

CALORIC’s longtime experience in the process industry, the project handling capabilities, the possibility to design and manufacture according to many different codes, standards and specifications should make CALORIC an ideal partner to fill in the gap.