Caloric succeeds in selling the 1ooth incineration plant

Caloric has been awarded a contract for the engineering and manufacturing of a new thermal treatment plant with an integrated HCl recovery unit from a major chemical company in Poland.
The thermal treatment unit is part of a new chemical production unit, which is co-funded by the European Union.

The plant is designed to treat about 2.8 t/h of chlorinated waste gas. Within the process high purity hydrochloric acid of 34 % by weight is produced.

The new production unit plant is scheduled to be on-stream in Q3/2015.

Beside the celebration of the 100th incinerator for Caloric it will be the first incineration unit installed in Eastern Europe, which is expected to become a promising market.

Starting in the 1970ies with the incineration of organic wastes and later on expanding by sulphur and nitrogen containing wastes Caloric is nowadays one of the world leading companies in the treatment of halogenated wastes including acid recovery.