CALORIC supplies methanol cracker to China

At the end of the year 2015 CALORIC has been awarded to supply the fourth methanol cracking plant to the same customer within 8 years. The plant will be delivered to China including the basic and detail engineering plus the entire equipment supply of the methanol reformers. It will be completely pre-assembled as well as tested in Germany and will be ready for shipment after only 10 months.

The plant will be able to produce 2000 Nm³/h hydrogen by methanol reforming. A pressure swing adsorption unit following the reforming process will ensure the hydrogen purity of 99.9999 %. The process heating is ensured by circulation of inert burner offgas instead of using thermal oil as heat transfer fluid for heating the reformer which makes a thermal oil system obsolete and avoids all costs and efforts of handling thermal oil. Additionally the fuel consumption is reduced as the heat transfer from burner offgas to the hot oil is avoided and the systems efficiency is therefore increased.

The customer has been convinced by the availability and reliability of the existing hydrogen generation plants and the excellent support CALORIC provided around its plants. As the plant has to operate continuously during the whole year and a plant shut down leads directly to losses in production, those key benefits provided by CALORIC’s hydrogen plant and CALORIC’s team are highly valued.