CALORIC enters successfully the engineering market

While in the larger part of CALORIC’s history the business has been engineering and selling entire plants, in the recent months CALORIC has aimed successfully at engineering projects.

In economically uncertain times, many potential investors and clients are putting more effort into planning and evaluating different options rather than investing straight away into new plants, machinery or capacity.
To assist and to address these activities as potential new market, CALORIC is offering its know-how and expertise in syngas generation, associated processes and project handling as engineering services.

Such activities can range from simple budgetary concepts via fixed priced solutions to basic and detail engineerings, deductable from any later executed plant job.

Jobs contracted and completed by CALORIC in 2016 include feasibility studies, a FEED study, a process package and a basic engineering package.

Strong inquiry activity in the market shows that to put in front of any investment more detailed planning is a growing trend in the industry. The goal is to achieve better economics, e.g. by better integration of each single plant into a larger production complex.