Hydrogen project in Indonesia resumes

In mid-2015, CALORIC sold its 4th hydrogen generation plant to Indonesia within four consecutive years. The client is a national Indonesian gas supplie requiring a plant concept with a capacity of 1000 Nm³/h hydrogen with highest purity (99.9999 v%) by steam reforming technology.

After completion of the basic engineering stage the project was put on hold by the client for officially non-disclosed reasons. CALORIC is now pleased to announce receiving the green light from the customers side for continuation of the project after the long unexpected break.

As per CALORIC standard, also this plant will be fully pre-fabricated in skid-mounted modules. This will allow for fast and easy re-erection and start-up on site. This concept is avoiding issues, as encountered by others, especially in Indonesia with the availabity and quality of local welders and fitters. The CALORIC design features only a minimum of welds to be effected locally, most connections are foreseen as flanged connections.

The plant is due to be shipped and started-up within 2017.